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As Executive Search Consultants we immerse ourselves in targeted segments in which the identification and recruitment of key players falls short of demand.

Our close-knit collaborative in-house team specializes in the Healthcare, BioPharmaceutical and Consumer markets, with core focus in the following niche areas:

  • Marketing Research, Insights, Innovation
  • Marketing Strategy Consulting
  • Analytics, Data Science, Predictive Modeling, AI

We’ve worked retained searches at CEO, President, COO, Managing Partner and Managing Director level. We’ve also assembled bespoke teams for clients. Our focus is to identify, qualify and deliver candidates who have the goals that are in-sync with your organization.

We spend most time finding Business Development executives and Rainmakers; and Client Services Consultants from Associate level, through Engagement level and upwards. We strive to find true partners to their clients, committed to delivering to their clients the optimal product and service.

Although primarily focused nationally in the USA, we have been very successful in international searches, especially in the UK, Europe and Asia-Pac. Typically, these have been key strategic roles for companies opening or growing their overseas offices and global business.

We are more than a recruitment firm. We are delighted to be considered a valued partner and solution provider to many long term clients.

Throughout good times and bad, some companies prosper where others don’t – often, because of innovation or the uniqueness of their product and service offering. But we know the truth: It’s always about the people.

A great leadership team with vision sets the company culture and team dynamics – and the key to prolonged success is in making the right hiring processes and decisions. Getting the balance right with people mix is everything!

Any novice recruiter can find candidates using Social Media, AI based and technology search tools. But the rare candidate with the exact balance of technical, interpersonal and business skills you crucially require for your unique team culture is harder to identify.

Is it possible to judge People Skills, Management Capability, Leadership Qualities and Business Acumen from a candidate’s Resume – or social media page?

Even once identified, the bigger problem is bringing the potential candidate to the table.

For any senior position the right combination of these skills is crucial. More importantly, can you attract, hire and retain the people most suited to maintaining and enhancing your company’s culture?

Have you ever worked out the cost of a bad hire?

We don't talk to candidates about 'jobs', and we don’t talk to companies about ‘vacancies’!

Whether you're a candidate or a company - we believe it is crucial for us to fundamentally understand what you have done, what you could do and what you want to do. Only in this way can we bring great people to like-minded people.

Please feel free to consult us about any Staffing or Organizational Development issue; we partner with associates in other fields that complement our capabilities.

To discuss your search requirements, please click here.


The following testimonials are a selection from clients, candidates and some individuals that have been both in the position of being the candidate and then, subsequently, a client:

"Loved speaking with him!! Please don't find me any more new candidates I'm in choice overload lol. You really over delivered with this group. I wish I could hire all of them."; "Thank you again for all your aid along the way. You are by far the best representative that I have come in contact with, within the field. So, please let me know if may write or call your boss or otherwise and give you an A1 premium review."; "Don't know how else to characterize it, other than the fact that your partnership, friendship and dedicated support to our business has been a fundamental component of our success. The batting average is Hall of Fame worthy. :)"; "I throughly enjoyed talking with you. Every time I speak with you, I learn something new. I could spend hours talking with you. You're one of the most professional and knowledgeable individuals I know. It's my pleasure to know you. I'm forever grateful for knowing you and for all the guidance"; "Many thanks, I truly enjoy working with you for the first time in 15 years, I feel like I am working with a recruiter that understands my needs, our company culture and does not just sends me resume without trying to really find a good match!"; "Thank you for being such a great resource and the information. Normally I find that the recruiter has only a surface understanding of the position, the culture and the players. You are clearly a valued partner to the company and they respect your abilities to put forth the right candidates"; "You are the only recruiter we've worked with who knows the questions that we are going to ask before we ask them. Quite the coup roping him in - so congratulations and thanks!"; "You are the only recruiters we want to use because you are the only recruiters with a very high morale and ethic standard, you care about the fit and take time to understand what the candidate wants"
It starts with people... and it really is all about great people.