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Winning Competition

The Parallel Futures team has year after year been successfully helping organizations discover and hire talented professionals, and we are actively growing our Executive Search team.

We seek Ambitious, Confident, Articulate, Enthusiastic and highly Motivated Account Executives who are interested in an exciting career in Talent Acquisition.  Our focus is to identify, qualify and deliver candidates who have the goals that are in-sync with our client’s organization.  In essence, you are a high level matchmaker for business.

Career growth in this dynamic and collaborative environment is limited only by your own level of desire, commitment, and ability to maximize opportunities. We offer a highly competitive compensation package comprising base salary and commission, in addition to healthcare benefits and gym membership.

As part of this highly-performing team, you will have the opportunity to use all of your sales, communication and negotiation skills, while positively impacting the lives of the people with whom you interact.

We seek a passionate team player who can:

• Work under high pressure and deliver
• Build strong, strategic relationships with clients and candidates
• Find leads and drive business development
• Learn, adapt and Thrive: as you have done before, in a dynamic business development role

A minimum of 1 year of experience in sales / telesales / telemarketing environment is a must such as IT sales, software / SaaS sales, social media sales, financial services / insurance, hospitality or service industry, etc.

This is the perfect role for someone who is disciplined, fearless, thick-skinned and wants to fulfill their competitive spirit.

We’d love to hear from you!  Contact us if you would like to discuss how we work and the opportunity to join us.

It starts with people... and it really is all about great people.