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Truth in Recruiting

Bringing Great People to Great People

We don’t just do Executive Search.

climbing to success

Accountable to our client companies and candidates, we love helping to build teams such that the aggregate is greater than the sum of parts

Our Core Focus:

Retained & Contingency Search in Healthcare, BioPharmaceutical and Consumer:

  • Marketing Research, Insights, Innovation
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Analytics, Data Science, Predictive Modeling, AI

We help those in pursuit of an exciting future in this arena find and join like-minded people.

Our Mission:

To do all that is possible to help bring people and teams together for the best mutual outcome, so that they can develop and grow in ways that not only positively impact each other but also directly or indirectly improve products, experiences and outcomes for consumers, patients, their family and the community.


The following testimonials are a selection from clients, candidates and some individuals that have been both in the position of being the candidate and then, subsequently, a client:

"Loved speaking with him!! Please don't find me any more new candidates I'm in choice overload lol. You really over delivered with this group. I wish I could hire all of them."; “James, You are the best recruiter I have ever worked with because you are kind, caring, empathetic and you think outside of the box when trying to place people like me. I really appreciate you.”; “Thank you, Garrett! I want to emphasize that I really appreciate you ... Your counsel was hugely helpful as I agonized through every step. Please let me know if I can help in any way in the future”; "Don't know how else to characterize it, other than the fact that your partnership, friendship and dedicated support to our business has been a fundamental component of our success. The batting average is Hall of Fame worthy. :)"; "I throughly enjoyed talking with you. Every time I speak with you, I learn something new. I could spend hours talking with you. You're one of the most professional and knowledgeable individuals I know. It's my pleasure to know you. I'm forever grateful for knowing you and for all the guidance"; "Many thanks, I truly enjoy working with you for the first time in 15 years, I feel like I am working with a recruiter that understands my needs, our company culture and does not just sends me resume without trying to really find a good match!"; "Thank you for being such a great resource and the information. Normally I find that the recruiter has only a surface understanding of the position, the culture and the players. You are clearly a valued partner to the company and they respect your abilities to put forth the right candidates"; "You are the only recruiter we've worked with who knows the questions that we are going to ask before we ask them. Quite the coup roping him in - so congratulations and thanks!"; "You are the only recruiters we want to use because you are the only recruiters with a very high morale and ethic standard, you care about the fit and take time to understand what the candidate wants"
It starts with people... and it really is all about great people.